Experience the best of the Pacific Northwest on horseback during this 4-day 5-night exclusive horse holiday.

Offering a delightful blend of wine tastings, cozy lodgings, scenic rides, and beachside gallops. Embark on a captivating riding tour in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, beginning in the charming wine country of Willamette Valley. Journeying through the scenic Coastal Range mountains, concluding your horseback vacation adventure along the majestic Pacific Ocean. This is a thrilling progressive ride that combines exclusivity and adventure with luxury, featuring wine tastings amidst vineyards, serene forested mountain trails, and exhilarating beach gallops. Our hosts and their horses create a European-inspired atmosphere while preserving the adventurous spirit of the West Coast. This is the horseback vacation that will take your breath away, and more.

The Willamette Coast Ride experience is four days of riding in a small, personal group (7 – 8 riders maximum). It is a progressive ride, moving west from wine country towards the Pacific on a different trail each day.

Inclusive of accommodations, breakfast, packed picnic lunch on the trail, three dinners, and two wine tastings.

Rider Requirements: Our ride is a strong intermediate to advanced riding level ride, English riding; riders should be capable and have experience maintaining control at the canter and hand gallop in and out of an arena and be in the saddle for four hours at a time

Day 1

Embark on an unforgettable journey that commences in the renowned Willamette Valley, where the historic Oregon Trail ended, offering a picturesque setting ideal for equestrian pursuits. This unique experience invites riders to explore the lush landscapes of a vineyard, and a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to pause and partake in a wine-tasting session, not only to behold the breathtaking vineyards but also to savor the exquisite creations crafted by the talented winemakers who call this region home.

Day 2

Will be spent traversing the Coastal Range Mountains; we will leave our farm with the horses in tow and begin the journey at the top of the first range. Riding in the forest can afford riders the chance to see a spotted owl in its habitat, elk, deer, and for very few mountain lion as well as mossy covered old oaks and towering douglas firs, wild mushrooms (some are even edible), and the crystal clear Nestucca River winding its way through the mountains. At the end of each day, after dismounting and untacking your steed the horses will be stabled with a local farmer.

Days 3 and 4

Riders eagerly anticipate their horseback adventure along the untamed Pacific Ocean, where they can gallop across the vast shoreline and witness the majestic convergence of the Nestucca River into the Pacific’s embrace. The days will be spent riding not one but two expansive, gorgeous Pacific beaches. Along the way, we’ll delve into the secrets of tidal pools and meander alongside freshwater creeks, immersing ourselves in the vibrant coastal ecosystem. The exhilaration of riding with the salty sea breeze against our faces will make us feel truly alive.

Valley & Vineyards

In the Willamette Valley, we’ll experience McMinnville, Oregon with its charming down town and home to many vineyards growing world class Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay with this many fine restaurants have grown to match the great wines. We suggest taking a wine tasting tour, go to the tasting rooms and learn about the wine, vines, terroir, the people that grow the fruit and the vinters that make the wine, you can pair that with some shopping or strolling the downtown, your B and B or Flat on Third Street are walking distance to the downtown. Also in McMinnville is the Evergreen Air and Space Museum which houses the Spruce Goose Howard Hughes’ largest wooden plane, the Spruce Goose is impressive to see in person and the museum always has some very interesting science movies being shown in its theater.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to pause and partake in a wine-tasting session, not only to behold the breathtaking vineyards but also to savor the exquisite creations crafted by the talented winemakers who call this region home.

The Pacific Coast

Leaving the valley on Day 3 we head west to the coast where we’ll spend the next three days. There are numerous activities to take advantage of depending on your interests. Below is a list we have compiled. Of course you may also opt to relax in the beach side condo, stroll down the beach and nap with the door open to let in the sounds of the surf.

  • Go on a chartered fishing tour
  • Salmon fishing during salmon season August -October
  • Kayak or paddle board
  • Visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • Surfing Lesson, with all gear provided
  • Hike Cape Kiwanda State Park
  • Hike Cascade Head
  • Self driving gallery tour of four different seaside art galleries
  • Visit Pelican Pub Brewery, have a delicious pint
  • Rent an ATV and rip it up at the Sand Lake -Recreation area – sand dunes as big and vast as a ski mountain.

Wine & Boutiques

We drive back to the Valley on the late afternoon of Day 5, so a non-rider may pick to spend a final day at the beach or head back to Carlton – “the wine tasting capital of Oregon.” Carlton is a great little town for wine tasting and generally relaxing and enjoying the good life which of course includes wine! On Day 6 meet us for lunch and a wine tasting in a hill top tasting room, take in the spectacular views, that afternoon take time to visit the few shops in Carlton a couple boutiques and handmade chocolate and jam shop are both excellent.

Ride along with us on an exhilarating and exclusive horse holiday! We look forward to hosting you.


What people say
about the Willamette Coast Ride Horse Vacation and Getaway

“I have taken several riding vacation. This ride is at the top of the list. I have ridden there three times and it keeps getting better. I am older and ride two to three times a week. That prepared me for the long days in the saddle. In 2019 I did a horse drive in Idaho again long days in the saddle the only downside was the food and the attitude of our hosts they were for the most part very stand offish. They included the tip in the price of the trip most of the staff was family so that rubbed me the wrong way The Willamette Coast ride had great food, caring hosts and the best English riding to be found on the West Coast. What impressed me the most was the attention paid to the safety of the guests. I have been on rides where wearing a helmet was the exception. For the most part you are riding with strangers who may not have the riding experience expected for these ride one unsafe rider can endanger the rest of the group. I have seen the hosts at the Willamette ride evaluate the riding skills of the people and match them with horses that will keep them safe and still preserve the fast pace of the ride. I am going again in Sept.”

Dovie P.

“I’m just back from the Willamette Coast Ride and had a suburb time. The horses were wonderful; riding was challenging, fast and exhilarating; and the terrain covered was as diverse as it was stunning. The ride took us through wineries, woods, temperate rain forests, dunes, beaches, and grasslands, each as gorgeous as the next. We wound through a valley of ferns; did long, vigorous canters along the beach (shared with a few sea lions and pups), and traversed through thick, beautiful woods. Lindley, our guide, was terrific and well informed about he history and plant life of the area. The food was delicious, wine tastings fun and informative, and accommodations lovely. If you’re a strong rider, put this experience on your bucket list!”

Corinne D