Discover the finest offerings of the Pacific Northwest while embarking on a 4-day, 5-night horseback vacation adventure like no other on the Willamette Coast Ride.

The Willamette Coast Ride: Experience the best of the Pacific Northwest on horseback during this 4-day 5-night exclusive horse holiday.

The Willamette Coast Ride offers a delightful blend of wine tastings, cozy lodgings, scenic rides, and beachside gallops. Embark on a captivating riding tour in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, beginning in the charming wine country of Willamette Valley. Journeying through the scenic Coastal Range mountains, concluding your horseback vacation adventure along the majestic Pacific Ocean. This is a thrilling progressive ride that combines exclusivity and adventure with luxury, featuring wine tastings amidst vineyards, serene forested mountain trails, and exhilarating beach gallops. Our hosts and their horses create a European-inspired atmosphere while preserving the adventurous spirit of the West Coast. This is the horseback vacation that will take your breath away, and more.

The Willamette Coast Ride package includes accommodations, breakfast, a packed picnic lunch for your trail adventure, three dinners, and two wine tastings to make your experience truly complete.

There are numerous other activities to enjoy in the vicinity, so whether you’re considering extending your stay or bringing along someone who won’t be participating in the Willamette Coast Ride, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience.