As December comes to a close, we know it is also the closing of another year and soon the beginning of a new one, so it is a natural time for review and I also think, a time for rejuvenation.

The horses get a chance to rejuvenate and be themselves, here in our little corner of the Pacific Northwest, the fields come back to life as the rain returns and waters all of the plants that have almost met their end with dryness.

This time of year we also give and show our gratefulness, we give gifts, we bake cookies, give hugs; part of this giving back we do, I think, is joining and supporting the circle of life, the circle we are all part of, the circle that benefits from our piece fitting into the puzzle.

Our relationship with nature is like this and with our horses.

We expect quite a lot of WCR horses nine months of the year, and they deliver, at this time of year I am grateful that they have wooly, shiny coats and have a happy gleam in their eye, they are grateful for the green grass, the roomy fields and their herd.  This is what I imagine them thanking us for as they kick up their heels, play and buck, and stop to munch grass.  It is very much a circle that we seem to complete every year.

My hope for us all is to embrace the circle, be closer together not far apart.  When we ride on the trails we go into nature on an equine and embrace the land, the habitats and their inhabitants, and it is a grounding and nurturing experience, one that I know we can bring to our daily, yearly lives.

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