Bally Carlton Sales Horses at Willamette Coast Ride Winter 2021


Each mare in our breeding herd has been selected for our program as an individual suitable for producing sound, rideable and trainable jumping and all around riding prospects. Correct conformation and an aptitude for performance are core attributes we value in our breeding program. Our riding horses are selected on conformation, breed and aptitude for being excellent riding partners that many will enjoy riding, pair this with Justin's strong foundational training and young horse rearing and you have yourself an upstanding, personable, well adjusted citizen of the equine world. If you don't see what you are looking for, don't hesitate to send us an email, we often times have horses that are not listed yet.


Price Codes

Price Code A - under $10K

Price Code B - $10K to $20K

Price Code C - $20K to $30K

Price Code D - $30K to $50K

Price Code E - Over $50K

2021 In Utero Foal KWPN (Landkonig x Dendelien)







2021 In Utero Foal Irish Draught Sport Horse (Crystal Crest x Carlton Primrose)


Carlton Primrose



Crystal Crest


2021 In Utero Foal Irish Draught Sport Horse (Crystal Crest x Countess Carmilla CWB)


Crystal Crest



Countess Carmilla


Carlton Khaleesi (Connemara x TB) 2018 Registered Connemara Halfbred

Carlton Blue's Aine (Connemara x TB) 2019 Registered Connemara Halfbred

Riding Horses

Silver (2014 draft crossbred)

TBF Lorcan (TBF Sweet Independence x Pleasantstone Mirth) Connemara x Welsh Cob