Sent First Class Crest

“Una” 2022 Filly registered KWPN

Born 5/23/22, Expected height 16 h

Crystal Crest x Dendelein (VDL Douglas)

Crystal Crest – 2005 – Class 1 Registered Irish Draught (RID) – 16.2, 78” girth, 8 ½ ” bone – 8.2%(TB blood) Coolcronan Wood (Sea Crest) x Mountain View

About Crystal Crest pedigree: Grandsire Sea Crest was a grade A showjumper himself and sire to the Irish Sporthorse Stallion (ISH) ‘Cruising’ CSI5* 1,70mt

International showjumper. Cruising sired Hoochi Koochi (Spanish team horse at the Atlanta Olympics), Nires(Scandinavian jumper champion), Flexible (ISH ridden by Rich Fellars, the pair won the 2012 FEI World Cup Final and represented the US at the London Olympics).

Crystal Crest has proven himself talented in the show jumping ring as well, achieving Silver merit in showjumping in Ireland up until 6 years old, he was then exported to the USA, first as an event horse, competing to Preliminary level and later returning to showjumping, successfully competing at Grand Prix level.

Crystal Crest achieved Class 1 status, receiving these excellent marks from the judges: 8.5 and 9 for his movement and ability and remarks including “Stands over plenty of ground, a nice topped horse with good head/neck connection, he displayed a good active canter and trot, with power and athleticism in jump and movement, very powerful over his back and open of his haunches.” (Guys! That is scope the judge is describing, Crystal has a ton of scope! And it helps the Irish horses be scrappy and handy in tricky country) Crystal crest was imported to the US in 2011 only breeding a small number of animals in Ireland before leaving.

Crystal Crest is a modern, exceptional RID who offers an excellent cross to Continental Warmblood, ISH, RID and TB mares to breed exceptional sport horses for the modern equestrian sports of Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing.

One thing that is so exceptional about the RID is that it started out as a horse that foxhunted across the country, took the carriage to church easily and smartly and then possibly needed to do some farm work in the field as well, so very multi purpose but all require great listening and communication between horse and horseman as well as strength and athleticism.

Crystal Crest is patient and calm when working around him, he is an intelligent horse as well as thrifty, he keeps himself well and is careful in his paddock.

Dendelein 2008 KWPN (Douglas (Darco) x Hold Up Premier) 16 H

Darco-son Douglas competed successfully in the international 1.50m classes with rider Conor Swail. Unfortunately, a serious injury ended Douglas’ sports career, but his enormous scope and jumping technique will never be forgotten. As a 3-year old, Douglas underwent his stallion test in Adelheidsdorf, earning the 1st place in jumping with 139.49. As a 4-year old Douglas was the Champion of Ireland in his age group. At the age of 6, he was Irish reserve champion.

Dende was imported from Holland and SJ at 1.40 level successfully. She is a careful mare, with a kind and giving temperament with a wonderful natural bascule over fences and a canter that gives the rider an excellent feeling of power. This is a classic mare tending more on the old fashioned type but in a modern package (ie: not too big or too heavy)

2022 filly “Una” is very bright, very hardy and beautifully put together. A liver chestnut with three white socks and a boomerang shaped star. She is quite substantial, curious but not swarming you. This filly should be very comfortable to sit on and finish in the medium to large size 15.3 – 16h.