Willamette Coast Ride Trail riding

We’re off!

Maiden Journey of the Willamette Coast Ride

Six riders, six horses and a desire to see the best of Pacific Northwest. Here are some highlights of the trip: Willie Leahy, owner and famous horseman of the Connemara Trail, came from Ireland to go on the Maiden Journey, Justin only got lost once, more than 50 miles in the saddle and horses were excellent!

The beach is immense and awe inspiring and is just gorgeous to ride on.  We viewed a herd of 50 elk, a huge Arctic owl flew over Justin’s head one morning, during day 4 of the ride, we nearly picked up the boss of a logging operation, but SHE had to stay and keep the men in line!

All in all, it was a huge success, we are excited for a wonderful first season and many more adventures to come!  Kick on!

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Willie Leahy

Father and son


Excellent beach riding

Excellent beach riding


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