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2023 Expected Foals

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Deposit holds foal. Live, healthy foal contract with easy terms and payment plans available. Professionally handled beginning at birth, healthy, natural lifestyle. Excellent references.

Price range $9-20K


Stellar Combina

“Stella” 2022 Filly registered KWPN

Born 4/10/22, Expected height 16.1-16.3 h

Utopie Combina x Countess Carmilla (Lestat)

Large filly, confident nature, beautifully marked, bred for the showring.


Sent First Class Crest

“Una” 2022 Filly registered KWPN

Born 5/23/22, Expected height 16 h

Crystal Crest x Dendelein (VDL Douglas)

Substantial, clever, bred to jump.

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Pacific Crest

“Pacific” 2022 Filly registered Irish Sporthorse

Born 4/15/22, Expected height 16.1-16.3 h

Crystal Crest x Angel’s Can Be Wild (tb)

Black filly, lovely crossbred, will have nice girth, friendly, smart.



Crystal Clarity

“Clarity” 2021 Filly Registered Irish Sporthorse

Born 4/12/21, Expected height 16-16.1 h

Crystal Crest x Countess Carmilla (Lestat)

Clarity is bred for sport, this filly is an effortless mover like her dam and is already looking for the jump. A smart and athletic partner for a professional or positive amateur. This filly is naturally balanced.

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Irish Cinderlad

“Cinderlad” 2021 Colt Registered Irish Sporthorse

Born 4/25/2021, expected height 16.1-16.2 h

Crystal Crest x Angles Can Be Wild (tb)

Cinderlad is a traditionally bred Irish horse, he is half RID, half TB. Nice sturdy build with excellent hooves, friendly demeanor. This horse will make a lovely all around sporthorse.


3 and Up

Carlton O’Brien Abu

“OBrien” 2019 gelding registered halfbred ACPS, microchipped

Born 4/16/2019 Expected height 16 h

TBS Declan Pondi x Siberian Fox tb/OLD

“O’Brien Abu” means “Go O’Brien'' in Irish. This roan to grey gelding is bred for the eventing or foxhunting scene, should finish at a nice 16H, a kind and willing partner that has excellent self carriage. Not to mention handsome and well-bred! We are lightly riding O'Brien and are looking forward to his bright future.


Carlton Blue’s Aine

“Aine” 2019 filly Registered Halfbred ACPS, microchipped

Born 4/8/2019 Expected height 15.2 - 15.3

Redbud’s Blue Moon x Angel’s Can Be Wild (tb)

Aine is a quiet and calm filly, easy to train with a wonderful gallop, nice girth, and will take up leg. We are lightly riding Aine and are excited to get her out and about.


Cool Springs Clifden

“Clifden” Registered purebred Connemara ACPS, microchipped

Born 5/13/2019, Expected to finish at 14.2-14.3

Blue Ridge Monroe x Cool Springs April Echo (Balmullo’s Gallagher)

Clifden, a purebred Connemara,. Clifden is a cool horse with an easy going, but interactive personality, three lovely gaits and excellent self carriage. We are lightly riding him and look forward to his bright future.

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TBF Lorcan

“Lorcan” 2014 gelding registered halfbred ACPS

Born 7/21/2014, height 15.1

TBF Sweet Independence (Connemara) x North Forks Black Earl (Welsh Cob)

Handy size and a lovely crossbred, Lorcan is a Connemara Welsh Cob crossbred, very sturdy and takes up a lot of leg. Riding training level Dressage, schooled Training and Prelim level x-country fences, brave as a lion to the jumps. Super easy self carriage and engagement with the rider's aides. Many miles down the beaches and in the forest.



“Handsome” 2016 gelding, grade

16.3 h Black Freisian x Percheron

Gorgeous black gelding, we have named him Handsome because, well, look at him! Easy self carriage, quiet guy, he has done one year on the trail now with us, he loves the water. Leg yields, learning to look for the jump. Super fun horse to ride.

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