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The three of us that took this ride were very impressed with the ride itself, our guides, the accommodations, and the food. It was a fabulous experience!! The Guides (Justin and Lindley) were terrific in providing instruction, the scenery was beautiful, and the horses were great. What I really LOVED about this ride was the diversity of riding—3 days in the Coastal range (and each mountain we were on had something different about it), a day riding on the beach and in the water; and two days in the vineyard countryside. The places we stayed were outstanding (best accommodations I have ever had on a ride) and we were taken to special restaurants for dinner. I can’t think of anything that would have made the ride better……..

Vicki S. | Dressage Rider

Besides the great horses, gorgeous scenery and luscious meals- what impressed me most about this ride were the people who organized and ran it. They bent over backwards to take care of us. Justin took his responsibility for our safety on the horses very seriously without inhibiting our sense of freedom and adventure. He encouraged us to “ride better” and have a good time doing it. Lindley thought of every detail with which to pamper us when we arrived in the evening after a day’s ride- dark chocolate covered raisins, fine wines in stemmed glasses, linen napkins. We spent the six days laughing with them and, I can honestly say, I loved every minute of it.

Nora T. | Dressage Rider, Portland, Oregon

 The Willamette Coast Ride exceeded my expectations, and it was truly an adventure on horseback that I will always remember.  I’m probably hard to please, since I spend most of my vacations doing riding trips, and I absolutely avoid those nose-to-tail walks on a trail.  I have done what I think are the best trips in Ireland and England in recent years, and my three day ride with Justin and Lindley was as good as the best.  The horses were willing and bold; the weather was mountain-cool with “sweater-in-the-morning” temperatures (and that was a refreshing change from my summer heat);  the trails were like a movie set with a combination of long mountain views in a vineyard, and of grassy mountain roads deep in the old growth national forest;  there was a lot of great galloping in stunning scenery and misty mountains.   My non-rider wife and I stayed at the nearby Allison Inn and Spa, and it alone, would have been worth the trip. She had a great time as well.   If you’re looking for an aesthetic adventure on horses that includes great gallops, beautiful views, a little knowledge of wines and winemaking, as well as picking up a little bit of an Irish accent… give this ride a try.

Jim H. | Foxhunter and Polo Player

Hi Lindley,

It’s taken me more than a week to draw breath after coming back from Oregon…….  There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking about our trail riding with you and Justin though.  It was just perfect and I haven’t had so much fun on horseback since my teens!  Every day I was sorry when our riding ended – but happy that your horses would get a well-earned rest.  I enjoyed riding every horse and it has definitely changed my dressage riding – much more insistent on having a really forward horse and a lot loss concerned about high spirited behavior.  I loved everywhere that we stayed, everywhere that we ate and look forward to visiting Oregon again with my husband.  He commuted to Portland almost every week that we lived in N Carolina for 8 years but we just never got much time to see more of Oregon.  We’re enjoying our Fairsing wine and will be looking for Carlton Hill wines too.

So I hope you have a very successful summer and who knows, I might need to come back and do it all again!

Best wishes to Justin and all your family too – and Hank of course!”

Dressage rider, California, May 2017